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          I think that forming a Principality is just part of the natural growth and extension of the kingdom.  I feel that we should push a little harder to form a P.  I feel that we have the needed structure and Identity here in the North to accomplish this and move toward the eventuality of becoming a kingdom.  Maybe I am completly off my rocker but like stated before it is just my opinion.  
        I feel that being a P. will allow more of the talent that we have here in the North to shine and recieve its proper recognition.  
        Ainar Magnusson
        Minstral of Mooneschadowe
            There are some valid points for becoming a principality, but I don't feel that growth into separate kingdoms is one of them. I am an Ansteorran and I always will be. To become a new kingdom  will mean sacrificing part of the prestige of being an Ansteorran. That prestige was earned by all members of the kingdom that came before me whether they are from the south, north, east, or west. When you have traveled outside the kingdom and seen the respect Ansteorra is given because we constantly do things bigger and better then most other kingdoms and have fun doing it. I know that there has always been quarrels between the regions of the kingdom but these quarrels do not affect how 75% of the populace of the kingdom plays. Ansteorra always has and always will come together in a crisis. 
            As for award recognition:  for most awards all it takes is for a group of people to petition the crown. The crown does not know everybody and they do not see the work everybody does and therefor the crown must rely on the populace to bring to their attention the people that deserve the award.  This does not mean talking to the crown at an event it means taking the time to put a petition together and gathering the signatures to support it. As far as peer level awards go there is nothing that is going to solve the problem.  It seems to take years to earn one of them and for a good reason. As for the fact that Ansteorra has the lowest numbers of Knights, this is only because the white belt is not awarded as a prize as some kingdoms do, but as something to symbolize an attitude, the way you live your life, and the way you display the art of combat on the field. And I would prefer that all the circles take their time to ensure that the very best are selected to symbolize what each of the circles stands for so there is still pride in receiving one of those awards.
        In service to the dream
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