NR - Principality (there I said it)

Owen owenstott at
Tue Apr 14 21:40:22 PDT 1998

---John Ruble <jruble at> wrote:
> Britta said:
> 	...His questions are paraphrased here, because I can't 
> > remember then correctly.
> > Choose one of the following, or make up your own.
> > 
> > 1. Interested in forming a Principality within the next 2-4 years.
> > 2. Interested but let's make it within the next 5-10 years.
> > 3. Maybe someday, not yet.
> > 4. No, we'll be like the Mists.
> > 5. No, Dammit, I'm an Ansteorran!!
> > 6. Huh, what is this principality thing?
> > 
> Actually, I think that is the way everyone is taking it on the
Kingdom list,
> but his actual question was:
> 	Question: Do you want to form a Principality in order to form a new
> Kingdom?
> 	1. Yes, as soon as possible ( 3-4 yrs)
> 	2. Yes, but I'm not in any hurry (5-10 yrs)
> 	3  Maybe, we'll see what happens
> 	4. No, we'll be like the Mists
> 	5. No, dammit I'm an Ansteorran
> 	6. Huh? What's this Principality thing, anyway?
> 	Timo
> You see, he was asking about those wanting to split off from
Ansteorra and
> form a new kingdom, using a Principality as the intermediary step.
> For myself, and myself alone, I go with a (1) for Britta's question.
> with Timo's I have to ride the fence between 3, 4, 5, and 6.  I am
in NO
> hurry to remove the Ansteorran from my blood; I'm very proud of it. 
But I
> would be a fool to bind myself to a decision I may have to face ten
> from now.  I can say, though, that anyone wanting to totally split
off from
> the kingdom today will find me very willing... to help them pack and
> -Ulf
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Thank you Ulf 
 I missed the Difference between the two. (should stay awake when
reading all this mail)
I will repeat myself on Britta's list 1.
on Timo's 3,4,5 I am still an Ansteorran.and will stay one for a Long
time to come.

Lord Owen Stott
Barony of Namron
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Squire to Sir Barn 

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