NR - Principality (there I said it)

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Wed Apr 15 11:16:54 PDT 1998

> I agree with the spirit of what you stated, though I could argue about the
> particulars.  Is there someone out there that can enlighten my as to the
> official way principalities are funded, i.e. does it come out of Kingdom
> accounts from membership dues, or just from voluntary donations?
> (I understand that the Principality newsletter is a privately funded,
> subscription based entity, not included in any membership dues.)
> -Ulf
To my knowledge, there is no prohibition on creating Kingdom administrative
bank accounts, which is what a regional account would be, but it would need
the agreement of the Kingdom Seneschal, Kingdom Treasurer, and Society
Treasurer.  Once such an account is established, the Regional Treasurer
could accept donations, subscriptions or whatever.  This would be an SCA
account and, if desired, funds could be transferred from other branches as
per the Treasurer's Handbook.  Should a principality be created, the account
could be transferred at that time.

Because this would be an SCA account, other branches could transfer money to
the principality.  The profit from Regional events could go to the Region.
Dues probably can not be assessed.  Paid members are paid members, and
assessing them further is likely improper. 

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