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John Ruble jruble at
Fri Apr 17 15:33:06 PDT 1998

Tyrca said:
> As far as I know, the Norse didn't have a King in Ireland.  They had
> towns and coin money, and other things that the Irish had never felt
> like inventing, but the Irish already had enough Kings for themselves.
>  I know, I live there! (grin)
True, but English has no easy word to describe a section of land held under
the militant and civil protection of a
Jarl-or-other-persuasive-hereditary-or-not-leader which doubles as a trading
center/region under the protection of the aforesaid's relatives and friends.
So I said Kingdom.

And I do apologize for leaving your lord, Sir Thorgeirr, off my list.  He
has been in the Steppes area off and on for months with the intention of
eventually moving there, but officially is still part of the North until
that time.  I really *should* know better, because I saw you both in the
grocery store a few days ago!

FYI: In the Steppes, they have bowed to Nature and Murphy's Law:  They went
ahead and scheduled their baronial meetings at the grocery store.  Might as
well, you always run in to someone from the SCA in there...


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