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Karen Evans tyrca at
Mon Apr 20 13:05:54 PDT 1998

Ulf did an count and sent us:
 Chivalry: 15
  Alrek Kanin                   - Namron/Weisenfeuer
  Barn Silveraxe                        - Weisenfeuer/Namron
  Burke Kyriell MacDonald       - Weisenfeuer
  Conrad of Castleton           - Weisenfeuer
  Daffyd Whittaker              - Brad Leah
  Daniel Blackaxe               - Weisenfeuer
  Elzasif O'Donnell             - Weisenfeuer
  Finn Kelly O'Donnell          - Weisenfeuer
  Frederick von Sternwald       - Weisenfeuer
  Hildebrand von Tiel           - Weisenfeuer
  Mikael of Monmouthshire       - Eldern Hills
  Olaf of Kharkov               - (inactive)
  Seamus of the Cats            - Namron
  Thorrgeirr                    - Namron
  William Miesko                - Weisenfeuer


and I appreciate his apology for forgetting Sir Thorgierr, but wonder
if he knows that it is Sir Thorgierr Gunnarsson.  (you think he would
remember something like that! ;-D)

Tyrca Ivarsdottir

Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
-"Honesty is Everything"

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