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John Ruble jruble at
Mon Apr 20 13:49:02 PDT 1998

Tyrca said:
> Ulf did an count and sent us:
> and I appreciate his apology for forgetting Sir Thorgierr, but wonder
> if he knows that it is Sir Thorgierr Gunnarsson.  (you think he would
> remember something like that! ;-D)
> Tyrca Ivarsdottir
Thank you for pointing that out, Tyrca.  He did tell me, several months ago,
but I had forgotten.  I do now recall the initial exchange of making sure
that his father and my father were not the same man, and it seems like he's
even a century or two younger than me (I'm late 9th century).

I stand corrected.  Burke, Mykaru,... you two should update your lists too,
before she corrects you.

-Ulf drottinn Magnussonnar Gunnarsson
(or just Ulfie)

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