Ragnorio edmoore at
Mon Aug 24 20:02:14 PDT 1998

This is sort of on and sort of off topic.  Given that my current SCA 
transport is starting to complain about being brought back to life so 
many times I'm thinking about giving it an honorable burial and seeking 
a replacement and would appreciate the wisdom of the populace in general 
as to the benefits and pitfalls of various large cargo capacity vehicles 
such as minivans,full size vans,sport utility vehicles,pickups etc. 
	Of special interest are what has done exceptionally well or 
consistently cratered in your own experience.  

	I realize in that asking for your wisdom some will feel compelled to 
share their wit as well but I ask that restraint be shown that my 
transgression into mundane matters may be minimized. If you simply can't 
resist I can be emailed privately at edmoore at

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