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Mon Aug 24 22:25:06 PDT 1998

Ragnorio wrote:

> as to the benefits and pitfalls of various large cargo capacity vehicles
> such as minivans,full size vans,sport utility vehicles,pickups etc.
(snipped the other stuff)

Greetings, Ragnar!
	I'm a proponent of the minivan. But, there are good and bad ones 
there. As you have probably seen my boxy Chevy Astrovan, I'll tell you 
I prefer that look. My lord husband chose a Ford Windstar, and it's 
sleeker (read less room for stuff). I personally took the far backseat 
out, and this works really well for SCA and my business life. I don't 
find it a gas guzzler, as some ATV types find. Never did see the 
reason for sports vehicle just to get cargo space.
Britta the Red
this is a dark ride
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