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Greetings !
The Baron and Baroness, Along with the populace of the Barony of Bryn
Gwlad, would like to invite everyone to attend our Baronial Champion and
Celtic Games the weekend of October 2-4 at Camp Ben McCullough in
Driftwood Texas.

There will be both Chivalric and Rapier tournaments to choose our
The Chivalric tournament will consist of a Swiss Five with a variety of
weapon styles so please bring all your weapons.  The Rapier tourney will
be 3 shipboard scenarios.  Winner for the rapier  tourney shall be
decided by points.

There will be an Archery tourney to determine the Baronial Archer along
with IKAC and IKCAC shoots.

There will be and Arts and Sciences competition, the theme is:  Celtic!
Documentation is required.

A Bardic competition will be held in the evening to chose the Baronial
Bard, Musician and Court Performer. Please see the September BlackStar
Notes and Challenges for details.

The feast will be simple but filling:  Beef Guinness stew (with
alcohol), cabbage and bacon, barn brack for dessert, breads, cheese and
fruit.  Please contact the Head Cook (Tabitha). for more information or
reservations.Her phone number is:   512/927-9853.

Games and Contests Galore:

Kilt a Celt 50 Yard Dash
Caber Toss
Sheep Toss
3 man relay foot race... with a twist (Must deliver that message from
Chonnemara to Tara)
Bragging Contest (at dinner)
And the Fish Contest (hosted by Mistress Clare)
AND FINALLY: A Cattle Raid!  Cattle may be obtained in the courts of the
clan leaders.
Please see notes and challenges in the September Black Star.

There is also a Laurel's Circle scheduled.

The Site:   Camp Ben McCullough in Driftwood Texas (about 40 minutes
southwest of Austin)
Date:    October 2-4 (site opens 4pm on Friday, closes noon on Sunday).

Map and directions are in the September BlackStar.

PETS are allowed on site with rabies certification. All pets must be on
a leash. And please clean up after your pets!

Please contact the event stewards if you have any questions!

Event Stewards:    HL Jonathan ap Morgan     (email: DrKook255 at

                            Mistress Meadhbh                (email:
meadhbh at

                            Phone:   512/837-7437

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