NR - Academy of the Bow

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Aug 30 16:46:34 PDT 1998

The event started off with breakfast being served at 7AM.  Range set up and
safety plus some shooting was done in the morning.  Lunch was served at noon
and followed by a varity of classes and more shooting.  Despite the rain,
feast was ready at 6:30.  After feast, a auction was held to support the A &
S Issue of the Black Star.  Congrats go to the populace for rasing $200+ in
that auction.  After the auction, we had a ( I thought) very pleasent
Principality meeting.

Sunday morning, folks woke up to breakfast being served at 8AM.  More
shooting. Congrats go to Don Sabastian who shot a 226 on the combat range,
which is currently this Kingdom's top score.

I would like to thank all who came and put up with the heat.

HL Gilbert Ost Westley "Gilli"
Shire of Middleford

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