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Sun Aug 30 22:05:04 PDT 1998

Greetings, Good Gentles:

        Wastelands Defender V was a wonderful success!  Thank you to the
many good gentles who came for the weekend.  The following are our new

        Tjorvi of the Wastelands -- Children's Archery Defender
        Master Leif of Calontir -- Thrown Weapons Defender
        H.L. Elric Dracwine de Swansea -- Archery Defender
        Ld. Otoshi of Va'tavia  -- Arts and Sciences Defender
        Lord Matthias D'versdall -- Rapier Defender
        H.E. Centurian Thorgrim Bjornsson -- Armoured Defender

Vivat the Defenders of the Wastelands!

        Following received awards from the hands of Master Baron Sir Burke
and Baroness Arafel: 

        Euphemia of the Wastelands -- Rising Star
        Rodger of the Wastelands -- Rising Star
        Morgan -- Rising Star
        Meabh Ni Roisach -- Award of Arms
        Basil Alexandros -- Award of Arms
        Ly. Jean Harvich -- Sable Thistle (Etching)
        Ld. Thom of the Dark Tower -- Sable Comet (Wastelands)
        Ly. Aislynn the Black Hart of Essex -- Sable Comet (Wastelands)
        Ld. Valdemar Harroldsson -- Sable Comet (Wastelands)
Congratulations one and all!

        We will see everyone at our Yule Revel December 5th.  On to Wiesenfeuer!

                                In Service,

                                Ld. Johann Gunnbjornsson
                                Seneschal of the Wastelands

     			"A man who would speak the truth
	 		should keep one foot in the stirrup."  
     					Mongolian Saying                                			

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