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>From Clare RosMuire St. John...
	These are the guidelines for Artisians at Laurel's Prize Tourney.
I encourage and invite everyone to come and participate!  This is one of my
favorite events both as a entrant and as a Laurel!    Please take note of
the special sponsored topics that some of the Laurels are offering.  Anyone
with questions please contact me.

Laurel's Prize Tournament

A LAUREL'S PRIZE TOURNAMENT will be held November 7 at the College of Three
Bridges, sponsored by the Central Region.  This is a Kingdom Arts and
Sciences event, where artists will have an opportunity to display a "body
of work" and meet with Laurels who may choose to give feedback about the work.
Whether with one special piece, a work in progress or a full display of
work, artists are encouraged to come and participate.  Artists may also be
given largesse or word-fame by Laurels who are moved by the spirit and
quality of the items on display.  In addition to the general display,
several Laurels have chosen to sponsor several areas of particular interest
to them.  Some of these areas include:
* outstanding example of blockprinted fabric
* best ethnic dance
* mideastern "static display"
* blackwork embroidery
* bardic performance by a child
* period bawdy tavern entertainment with documentation
* mideastern performance
* documentation
* best wine with documentation
* best painting
* best bardic performance by a new or novice bard
* best Elizabethan costume
* best children's entry (several)
* best Russian work of art (static or bardic)
* best costume 1500 - 1600
* heraldic art
* embroidery
* calligraphy
* pottery

	Artists who wish to become a participant in Laurel's Prize Tourney are
encouraged to send a letter of intent.  This letter will automatically
reserve you table space for the event.  All Artists letters of intent need
to be sent to Mistress Reginlief Ragnarsdottir, c/o Terry Harper, 4913
Calmont Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76107.  E-mail: terryharper at
Letters of intent should include SCA and Legal Name, address, phone number,
local group, intent to display static arts and/or bardic performance.
Please also include an estimate of how much space you will need (one or
one-half table) and any special considerations or needs.  At this time we
will not be able to offer any outdoor display space.  If you have a large
object you might prepare photos and use them in a table display.

Documentation is encouraged and expected..  This means that the artist
should provide a brief written explanation of their work (what they did and
why) with at least three good sources.  To go along with the philosophy of
this event, all artists who have sent Letters need to be present at the
event with their artwork.  Any special circumstances will need the approval
of the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.
	Those who wish to perform will have an opportunity to present at
least one
five minute performance.  Performing will be set up in blocks of time and
individuals will be able to sign up first for one performance and the
additional pieces as space allows.    It is suggested that you prepare 3
pieces of work and perform them in order of preference.  Sign-up time for
the first performance will be between 9:00  a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  After that
any performer may go back to add extra performance times (for three total).
 It is important the performers be at the event on time to sign up.  Groups
may also enter performances and will need to send a Letter of Intent for
the Group.  Individuals within groups may still send in a private Letter of
Intent should they wish to enter LPT in other areas including individual
performances but a person may only participate with one group.  Performance
art pieces may only be performed in the room set aside for performances,
none may be done in the Static Arts Hall.

A special set of largesse is being collected by Mistress Custance nic
Raibert Macconnachie,  for children's entries.  Children are particularly
encouraged to attend and participate. They can either write their own
Letters of Intent or have a family member write it for them.

Further information about the event can be found in the announcement in
this month's Black Star as well at the October BS.  Any questions
concerning the guidelines may be addressed to Mistress Clare RosMuire St.
John, c/o N.D. Wederstrandt, 1416
Hillcrest Dr., Austin, Texas 78723.  51112-458-1485.
E-mail: nweders at

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