NR - Mooneshadowe Guardian Tavern

Diana Skaggs upsxdls at
Mon Aug 31 07:40:03 PDT 1998

     To all who plan to attend Mooneschadowe Guardian:
     Sasona (Sue Jackson) and I (Diana Skaggs ska Leanna of Sparrowhaven) are 
     launching The Oak Leaf Tavern at Guardian.  We plan on serving (mostly) 
     period or perioid foods with a few modern conveniences (like 
     refrigeration).  Our current menu includes:
        Sliced Ham
        Smoked Chicken Legs
        Home-baked Farmer's Bread (you tasted this at Northern Regional)
        Honey-Cinnamon Sticky Rolls
        Egg Pies
        Meat Pasties
        Muffins, bran, pumpkin and apple
        Marinated Vegetables
     And much more.  Plan to stop by to view our wares, we would love to serve 
     you!  Leanna of Sparrowhaven   

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