NR - Court & Herald Idea

Talen von Marienburg talen at
Wed Feb 25 12:06:20 PST 1998

You know, Northern Regional Tribute's court really wasn't that long
considering that we had 5 baronial courts & a King's court.  But it was too
long for most people.

While visiting with Baron Aethelstan and some others, we got to talking
about how some monarchs have taken to giving out awards in unscheduled
courts to reduce the length of the main court.  I know that some people are
against this as they don't hear who got an award, or miss out on happenings.

Anyway, somebody suggested that perhaps if the heralds announced during the
their normal daily announcements what had happened, then the word would get
out better.

I like this idea.  Have the herald during his/her rounds announce the
results of impromptu courts and royal/baronial announcements.  I think we
could start this up here in the north and see how it works, then show the
rest of the kingdom what we've learned.

How does everyone feel about this?

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