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Scott Powers spowers at
Wed Feb 25 11:30:06 PST 1998

>You know, Northern Regional Tribute's court really wasn't that long
>considering that we had 5 baronial courts & a King's court.  But it was too
>long for most people.
>While visiting with Baron Aethelstan and some others, we got to talking
>about how some monarchs have taken to giving out awards in unscheduled
>courts to reduce the length of the main court.  I know that some people are
>against this as they don't hear who got an award, or miss out on happenings.
>Anyway, somebody suggested that perhaps if the heralds announced during the
>their normal daily announcements what had happened, then the word would get
>out better.
>How does everyone feel about this?

>From what I have seen elsewhere, and from some experiences in Wiesenfeuer,
roving courts under any circumstances can cause problems.  There are some
people who will be disappointed if they do not get their awards in front of
all their friends, no matter what.  For this to work, the nobles would have
to give awards in roving courts only to people who they know would not
mind.  And that's a lot of guesswork.

There also seems to be a consensus that awarding only the highest level
awards at big events is a bad idea, because those people receiving lesser
awards might feel slighted.

Personally, I think a better solution would be to move as much non-award
business to other occassions as possible.  For example, prizes for
competions could be given at the conclusion of the comeption.  Then in
court, someone could stand up and read off all the names of the winners.
Other things like taking a new squire or something could be handled in
Saturday Morning court, or Sunday court, or sometime where it would still
be visible, but not in the evening court.  In fact, sometimes awards can be
handled that way.  It seems to me that I remember Sir Burke was very
pleased that he was knighted on the field at the conclusion of a battle,
rather than a during a court.  I don't know for sure that he feels that
way, or where his preferences would lie, but it sure seemed that way at the
time.  I can tell you that I certainly would not mind getting awards
outside of evening court (and have), but not everyone feels that way.

OK.  I am feeling brave.  So here is a radical idea:  Tell people a few
minutes in advance that they are going to get an award.  Then line them all
up in the back so the processing time per person is shorter.

I know, I know.  Its a bad idea.  But... tell me why.


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