NR - RE: Clean up at NRT

Jerry Herring therring at
Wed Feb 25 16:09:46 PST 1998

I understand that at Gulf War one year one group does set up while the other does clean up...and vice versa for the following year.  
Perhaps we can do something similar to that.  But perhaps have two groups setting up and two tearing down.  The fifth barony could have other responsibilities for the event (fire watch etc.)  This could rotate every year so that the baronies could switch off on their responsibilities.  
Just a thought...

---------original message---------------------
> As far as I know, the only place where we really could stand 
> improvement is in the clean-up area.  The last 10 or so of us 
> could sure have used some help in and around the buildings.  What 
> does anyone think of having the different groups sign up for their 
> specific activity plus one clean-up duty?
I agree, too.  If we can break up the clean-up duties into manageable
chunks, people will be a lot more willing to pitch in.  Give them a
chance to sign up for the clean-up duty they want, so they can come
prepared, if necessary.

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