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Wed Feb 25 16:42:16 PST 1998

	I definitely don't believe we need to do roving courts.  For me getting my AoA was a magical moment that I will always remember.  Our new Hersir and Baroness stood up and spoke good things (enough to make me blush) about me.  It has become something they practice frequently that makes the event even more special for the people receiving the awards.  I would not want to deny this moment to anyone!  Who cares if I have to sit in court for three hours, I mean, yes, I may grumble about it and wish for a soft cushion but it is still worth it to see my friends receive an award.  And yes, some of the schtick that goes on in court could be cut down or done during feast or at the morning or evening court...but then court becomes just an awards court and the atmosphere and the revelry of the times is gone. 

>OK.  I am feeling brave.  So here is a radical idea:  Tell people a few
>minutes in advance that they are going to get an award.  Then line them all
>up in the back so the processing time per person is shorter.
>I know, I know.  Its a bad idea.  But... tell me why.

Okay :) I will.  Just my opinion...but I like the surprise factor.  I like to see the stunned faces of people who look like they are thinking "what did I do?  What did I do...this time?" if they are in trouble.  The surprise is part of the magic...

Okay I'll shut up now...

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