NR - RE: Court and Herald Idea

Nathan W. Jones njones at
Wed Feb 25 18:04:13 PST 1998

Greetings Friends!

Hmmm...roving courts....  I've seen it done well a time or two, but my immediate reaction is that I would rather get my award in court.

The best I've seen a roving court done was during feast...I think it was at Bjornsborg's Investiture back in 93.  Kein and Alish were on the throne, and Alisha was there without Kein.  During feast, the nobles were wandering around chatting and kibitzing...then they swooped down on a member of the populace at his feast table and opened court.  It was a suprise, it didn't bog down the court stuff that happened later, and everyone was there to see it.


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