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When my lady and I received our AOAs, we were called up to receive them
together. That seemed to work out just fine, however I don't know how
feasible it would be to do this in general instead of occasionally.

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> > Gio said:
> > Let's be honest, for most of us, there are going
> > to be very few times in our SCA career when we receive 
> > awards or are called up into court. 
> Given that this is true (and I agree that it is), how does everyone 
> feel about calling up more than one individual at a time to receive 
> awards?  (i.e. presenting 3 AoA's at once, etc.)  Is it better, or 
> worse, than the roving court idea?
> Personally, I don't favor either idea, but I've worked with Crown's 
> that did and would just like to know how people feel in general.  
> I've been to some pretty long courts, but my feeling is that court 
> should take as long as it takes to get everything done.  
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