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Thu Feb 26 07:27:54 PST 1998

gio wrote:

>I will bitch and complain that courts are too long, and try to 
>streamline them as much as possible, but not at the expense of the 
>populace at large.

And then Kelandra wrote:

>Who cares if I have to sit in court for three hours, I mean, yes, I may 
>grumble about it and wish for a soft cushion but it is still worth it
>to see my friends receive an award.  And yes, some of the schtick that 
>goes on in court could be cut down or done during feast or at the 
>morning or evening court...but then court becomes just an awards court 
>and the atmosphere and the revelry of the times is gone. 

     I fail to understand why the typical sca lord/lady grumbles, 
bitches or complains that courts are too long. Courts should be long 
enough to take care of the necessities of governing either at the local 
level or at the kingdom level. The populace expects our crowns and 
barons to distribute awards to deserving people, pass information to the 
populace and conduct any business as necessary, and to provide "good 
court". The populace also seems to want this done in 30 minutes or less, 
but it just isn't normally going to happen.  In return the crowns & 
barons should be able to expect an attentive, quiet audience, who when 
summoned, either individually or as a group, reacts quickly and with 

     If it's an event like NR with 4 baronies & the king everyone should 
*expect* a longer than normal court. They should be ready with their own 
little comforts (full tankard, nibbles, a soft cushion or comfortable 
chair, etc.) that will make the court more enjoyable than not. They 
should be prepared to be *quiet* and not talk excessively with their 
neighbors (leaning over for a quiet sentence spoken next to an ear is 
entirely different than talking with 3 or 4 people at a normal volume). 
If a person cannot do this, then they should not be in the court area. 

     All this is still true even at smaller events with shorter courts.

     By the time someone has been in the sca for a year or so, they 
should know whether or not they enjoy going to court. If they don't 
enjoy court, they should go elsewhere so that those who do enjoy court 
can enjoy it. Court should have, IMHO, theater quietness.

     [The only grumbling about court that I have is that fact that since 
they usually start so late that means the dancing starts late! I guess 
the dancers and musicians need to start convincing the "hats" that, 
"yes, something is still scheduled to start *after* court, so don't 
dilly dally about starting it!" (in fact it's all really the fighters 
fault since they're the ones that don't start the tournament until 10 or 
11 am, and *everything* else is bumped back from the get-go)] :)

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