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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Thu Feb 26 10:29:56 PST 1998

Estrill wrote:

>      I fail to understand why the typical sca lord/lady grumbles,
> bitches or complains that courts are too long. Courts should be long
> enough to take care of the necessities of governing either at the local
> level or at the kingdom level.

Oh, I agree on this point.  However, I know myself to be oneof those who can't
sit still for very long.  It is very rare that
you will find me sitting at court or at feast.  I prefer to roam
in the background.

Upon reflection, court at NRT wasn't bad, about three and a half
hours.  Two to three hour courts are pretty average for most
baronies in the South.  Steppes regularly has four or five hour
courts.  It just seemed longer at NRT because it started late
and ended past midnight.  By then most everyone was tired,
people who were day tripping were watching the clock, and
attention started to drift.  (or was it just me?  *grin*)

Most of the time I grumble about presentations in court, taking
apprentices/squires/proteges and such.  While I do think it's
a nifty thing to have the populace and crown witness, most of
the time it can add so much time to an already overburdened
schedule.  When I was apprenticed, it was after court at
Candlemas.  It was witnessed by all the laurels at the event,
plus whoever else decided to show up.  Several laurels took
apprentices at the same time.  Nice and efficient, had a crowd,
and got the job done.

Oh, and my main problems with presentations and such is
that many times it involves some "in" joke that I personally
don't understand, and I can't hear what is being said.  There
is something I call "Baronial Mumble Mouth", this is where
an individual is called into court, and then for the next five or
ten minutes there is a soft conversation at the dais.  I can
understand wanting a private word with the person, and not
wanting to yell in their face, but it would be nice if the other
200 of us at court could hear as well.

Oh, and no offense is meant to anyone.  Just gleanings and
observations from many courts attended.


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