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Scott Powers spowers at
Thu Feb 26 06:01:16 PST 1998

>Given that this is true (and I agree that it is), how does everyone
>feel about calling up more than one individual at a time to receive
>awards?  (i.e. presenting 3 AoA's at once, etc.)  Is it better, or
>worse, than the roving court idea?
>Personally, I don't favor either idea, but I've worked with Crown's
>that did and would just like to know how people feel in general.
>I've been to some pretty long courts, but my feeling is that court
>should take as long as it takes to get everything done.
>- Kat   >"<

Most of the awards that my lady and I have received have been given with
both of use receiving them together (All but one of mine and one of hers).
Since we do everything together, it is not only appropriate, but it makes
it special.   While someone may object to getting lumped in with some other
people for their awards, judicious selection of those to getting grouped
awards could speed up court without upsetting anyone.  The key is to know
in advance that the people in question would not be upset.  Hmmm... how to
figure that out?  I suppose we could do something really crazy and bazaar
like... ask them.  I suppose, though, that most people would want their
awards given separately.


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