NR - Court & Herald Idea

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Thu Feb 26 20:15:13 PST 1998

Lori Campbell wrote:

>  how does everyone
> feel about calling up more than one individual at a time to receive
> awards?  (i.e. presenting 3 AoA's at once, etc.)  Is it better, or
> worse, than the roving court idea? <snip>

I personally don't mind the roving court idea, since I was able to see
Lord Guillume get his thistle at Northern Regional during such roving
court, but I'm not sure I'd like the bulk AoA thing. I still keep
thinking that many folks remember their AoA court time better than most.
I think it is a very special time and should continue to be so. 
But then, my legs, and other parts of my body had fallen asleep by the
time I got to see your Peerage bestowed, Mistress Kat. And I too see the
relavance in shorter courts.
My question: When the long court discussion comes up, why do we always
think AoA's are the culprit?
Ly. Britta the Red
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