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Thu Feb 26 14:55:49 PST 1998

> My question: When the long court discussion comes up, why do we always
> think AoA's are the culprit?
> Ly. Britta the Red

I think AoA's were just a general example.  The majority of court 
awards are AoA level awards (Thistles, Cranes, Comets, AoAs, etc.).  
It really doesn't make any difference in the level of the awards 
given out - I've been to a couple of courts where grant level awards 
outnumbered the AoA level awards.  

If I had to pick a culprit for long courts, it really wouldn't be the 
awards I'd pick on.  Awards need to be given in Court (there are 
exceptions to this in special cases).   The presentation of gifts, 
contest prizes, thank-you's etc. easily take up as much time as 
awards and are often where we lose the audiences interest.  Still, if 
someone has been practicing hard for months (years) and goes out and 
wins the knife throwing competition, they deserve public recognition 
for their efforts and I, for one, am not for taking that out of 
court.  The same with *special* gifts.  

I guess I feel that if we took more time to plan courts and organize 
presentations we might be able to streamline stuff a bit more.  Also, 
I think we miss opportunities to present stuff in morning and 
afternoon courts.  I received my AoA in a morning court and don't 
feel slighted by that in the least.  These things might not save much 
time, but every little bit helps.  

Here's another idea.  How about if feast was less a "social" time and 
more a time for everyone to get together and enjoy special 
presentations and/or special performances (bardic, dance, other).  
Personally, I miss getting to see the best our performing artists 
have to offer.  Just a  thought....

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