NR - RE: Clean up at NRT

Talen von Marienburg talen at
Thu Feb 26 09:25:49 PST 1998

Actually, Estrill, it's probably because I said we had five baronial courts
in an earlier post.  What Kelandra didn't know was that Namron had two
courts as there was a stepping down court for Baron Pepin and an investiture
for Aethelstan & Claryce.


>     Hmmm... a mysterious Fifth Barony....
>     It must be the Court Barony of Mooneschadowe!
>     Estrill
>     (I'm not picking on you Kelandra...honest... :) Mooneschadowe keeps
>     getting referred to as a barony...our seneschal gets referred to as
>     the some ways it's quite amusing)
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