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Mon Mar 2 12:24:54 PST 1998

Hasheika Maleah responded:
>        As a member of a Baronial Order I am afraid I must passionately
>disagree with leaving the members of the order out of the ceremony. 
>Most people here in Namron view the members of "The Order of the Heart 
>of the Sable Storm" as a baronial equivalent to a peerage, you have to 
>work your everlovin fingers past the bone to get one. Would mine have 
>meant as much without my fellow storms present??? I don't think so. How 
>would you feel if you were the one told "you can't come up to honor the
>incoming candidate, it's a) not your turn  b) you didn't kiss the right
>foot c)Baron/ess So&So doesn't want you there, etc." Would you 
>willingly deprive a dear and valued friend of their time in the sun, 
>remember here in Namron a Storm is darned hard to come by?        

     Thank you for giving me a baronial viewpoint. I still don't think 
it would bother *me* if random lot prevented me from being one of "the 
chosen" to participate in the court ceremony; nothing would prevent "the 
unchosen" from clustering in a lot at the back of the hall to 
congratulate the new member. However maybe that's just me! (At times, 
baronies make me react very GDISM.)

> As for the inability for the audience to see I know of no easy 
>solution, some of us kneel but others are unable to do so. It is ever a 
>problem when any group is called. Maybe someone out there can help us 
>solve this one.

     The only thing I can think of is to either raise the stage area 
(the thrones, the attendants, the area in front of the thrones, etc.) or 
raise the populace (via stadium seating). The raised seating is not 
something I've researched, but according to novels (yeah, I know) the 
nobles sat in the stands and the peasants sat on the ground while 
watching tourneys. It would certainly infringe on "standard sca tourney 
customs"; but it would improve visibility for more people and then we 
could use them for courts as well. I'd like to see someone research 

> I attended Moonshadowe's Valentine's Feast and was well pleased with 
>the format and would like to see such done at our events. 

     I attended Namron's & Northkeep's recent events and was well 
pleased to see efforts made to demarcate an area in the feast hall for 
those people who did not purchase feast to sit and partake of the aura 
(other kingdoms call this area "off-board" seating; "on-board" seating 
is for feast purchasers). I would like to see more efforts made in this 
direction myself.


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