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Scott Powers spowers at
Mon Mar 2 13:10:29 PST 1998

> (At times,  baronies make me react very GDISM.)

What does GDISM mean?  I have never heard that term.

>     I attended Namron's & Northkeep's recent events and was well
>pleased to see efforts made to demarcate an area in the feast hall for
>those people who did not purchase feast to sit and partake of the aura
>(other kingdoms call this area "off-board" seating; "on-board" seating
>is for feast purchasers). I would like to see more efforts made in this
>direction myself.

With the size of recent events, it is difficult to seat even the people who
purchased feast, much less the people who did not but want to sit in or
bring their own.  In fact, we have had to rent extra tables the last couple
of times that we used Camp Cimarron.  I have been looking around for a site
with a larger feast hall, but so far nothing has come up.


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