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Mon Mar 2 13:20:09 PST 1998

     I've finally got around to introducing myself.

     I'm Estrill Swet of Mooneschadoweshire. The recipient of several 
awards. Dance-monger, dance-pusher, dance-a-holic, take your pick. I'm 
the percussion section of the local music guild (which makes me chose 
whether to dance! or to beat the drum!) at events. I enjoy 
cross-stitching and sewing. I'm a recovering seneschal, and I've also 
held the a&s & chronicler positions. Currently I'm the Deputy Herald of 
Precedence for Mooneschadowe, deputy to the Historian (my husband 
Haldane Sparhawk), deputy a&s (dance guild head) and deputy in charge of 
e-mail notices (I haven't got a response yet on *who* this position is a 
deputy of: seneschal, chronicler, hospitaller or herald.) 

     I've been in the sca here in Mooneschadowe since August 1980. 
According to my brother, in the several years prior to that time, we had 
seen blurbs on the news about Medieval Faire or Mayfest where the SCA 
was participating, and I'd either say that "it looked really neat" or 
"what a bunch of silly people those are". Then in the summer of 1980, we 
went to OKon. 9am panel on the SCA. A man in a green velvet houppeland 
(Sir Frederick, I believe), Blackfox, and two or three other people. 
Many people in the audience.  WOW. Was informed that there was a branch 
in Stillwater, and then, I looked for & found it after I moved here for 
college. (Once I found the local group I realized that I had seen many 
of the local members at OKon:  Tarl, David Helm, Kit Dixon; Talana and 
other Tulsa members).

     Oh, one other thing: I talk *MUCH* more frequently and loudly via 
e-mail than you will ever hear in person. I seem to have a tendency to 
make statements, that because you can't see the rolling eyes, shrugging 
shoulders and other body language, tends to sound rather extreme, when 
in reality, I'm just trying to get other peoples thoughts on an issue. 
I'm *incredibly* shy and quiet unless I've known a person for several 
years and brass tends to make my mouth stay even more tightly closed. 
You don't believe it?? Please, ask any member of Mooneschadoweshire. 
They'll tell you the truth. ;) [Slap] I said, the truth. :O 


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