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Mon Mar 2 14:25:44 PST 1998

     I heartily concur!  This is more verbiage than I have ever had face to 
     face with Her Ladyship in the 1 1/2 years I have had the pleasure of 
     her acquaintance.
     I suppose I should introduce myself while I'm horning in on Estrill's 
     intro.  My name is Mercedes de Cerdanya.  I am the Arts & Sciences 
     Minister for the Shire of Mooneschadowe and have been playing for just 
     a year and a half.  I am interested in period cooking, embroidery, 
     tablet and inkle weaving, and cordials.  I am also the second in 
     command of the Kitchener's Guild here in Mooneschadowe.

     Oh, one other thing: I talk *MUCH* more frequently and loudly via 
e-mail than you will ever hear in person. I seem to have a tendency to 
make statements, that because you can't see the rolling eyes, shrugging 
shoulders and other body language, tends to sound rather extreme, when 
in reality, I'm just trying to get other peoples thoughts on an issue. 
I'm *incredibly* shy and quiet unless I've known a person for several 
years and brass tends to make my mouth stay even more tightly closed. 
You don't believe it?? Please, ask any member of Mooneschadoweshire. 
They'll tell you the truth. ;) [Slap] I said, the truth. :O 
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