FW: NR - RE: Gulf War

Jerry Herring therring at viagrafix.com
Mon Mar 2 15:05:50 PST 1998

Mercedes wrote...
AFAIK, a couple of our new light weapons fighters are going.  I know for sure 
that Jean-Paul is going and I think that Jan is going.  

[Jerry Herring]  	Whew...Its good to know that I won't be the only light weapons fighter from our area...I haven't been fighting in tourneys long enough to know many other people...and I am to shy for a war...I need a 'buddy' :)   
BTW, thank you for your help in the kitchen at Valentine's!  If you ever need 
someone, give me a call!!!

[Jerry Herring]  	No problem.  I really enjoyed myself...and the food was WONDERFUL!  


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