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Mon Mar 2 15:43:38 PST 1998

---dssweet at wrote:
> You don't believe it?? Please, ask any member of
> They'll tell you the truth. ;) [Slap] I said, the truth. :O 
Estrill, I'll go on believeing *my* version, thankyouverymuch.
(As in when you want / need to, there is no problem in "turning on"
dance-leader mode. And, thereby, sometimes it seems that you just
need a little "coaxing" to come out from behind the shyness.)

'Struth, I swear it! 

Now, just because *you* happen to disagree with certain portions of
my observations, doesn't make them UNtrue ...

<VBEG: I'm out of reach of the physical component of the [Slap], ...>

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