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"I can't tell who wrote this" said:
>Honorable Lady Estrill, I'm somewhat shocked at this statement. Didn't 
>you know that His Grace Patrick Michael named your great Shire a 
>Barony and then invested my Lady and I with said Barony (a great honor 
>for us) at court during the most recent Battle of Three Kings. :) G 

     In court at Namron's Rapier & Collegium Event this past January, 
Namron's Herald kept stating that the Barony of Eldern Hills was 
presenting a gift of thanks to the Barony of Mooneschadowe. And I think 
it's happened in other courts as well. Our seneschal, Alaric von 
Thorne, keeps getting called the Baron of Mooneschadowe. 

     So we have to ask ourselves, "Is this a case such that everyone 
believes that, because the subject (Mooneschadoweshire) behaves and 
acts in such a manner (like a barony) that everyone *believes* that the 
subject must *be* a barony?" or is it simply a case of people who have 
*only* participated in the SCA in baronies, and thus when they think of 
local groups, the word "barony" is *much* more likely to come out of 
their mouth than "shire"?

     I believe that both of these factors are working here. 


     (And now for something completely different: it was amusing to     
     compare the state of the baronial pillows at Northern Region. 
     Eldern had large, overly stuffed, new looking, white pillows (with 
     their arms?). 
     Namron had old, well used, flat pillows (with their arms?).        
     Wiesenfeuer had large, moderately stuffed plain black pillows.     
     Northkeep had no pillows at all. 
     However the banners hanging behind everyone all looked excellent.)

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