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Tue Mar 3 07:42:22 PST 1998

     You know, we're not afraid of you Gunnie - all we have to do is rub 
     your back and the brass hat falls off as you slip bonelessly to the 
     Love ya!!

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Subject: Re: NR - Brass hat paranoia 
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Date:    3/3/98 9:23 AM

> > > Estrill said:
> > > ...brass tends to make my mouth stay even more tightly closed... 
> Me too! I can't explain it, I think I'm in awe, even of those I don't
> particularly like. I'm worse when it is someone I do like. Feel like I'm 
> supposed to come up with something intelligent to say, or don't waste
> their time.
> Britta the Red
Many years ago when Duchess Rowan came up to chat with me at an 
Interkingdom event, she stopped mid sentence and said, "Stop that!"  
"Huh?" (says I, oblivious as always), "There! Stop that!  What are 
you afraid of?!"   Apparently I had been backing away from her the 
entire conversation, and she was having to "chase" me down.  I think 
she finally grabbed the front of my tunic to hold me in place. :-)
I guess now I have to be afraid of myself.  Yikes!
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