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Karen Evans tyrca at
Tue Mar 17 05:10:25 PST 1998

>I for one, would be happy if the kingdom got smaller,
>no matter how it 
>was done.
>Britta the Red

I know how you feel, because sometimes even though events sound
interesting far off, I can't go because I just can't afford to go so
far.  But just because we are talking about Principality, doesn't mean
that I am for breaking up the Kingdom now.

I think that the advantages of a Principality are that we have our own
set of Royals to represent us in the Kingdom, both to speak for us to
the King, and to show our pomp and pride.  I know my heart would swell
with pride to see a Prince and Princess representing all of us at
Kingdom events.  Imagine our Prince and Princess at a Coronation, when
the new Heirs to the Kingdom step up and take the Crown.  It says just
a little more about us as a group.

We would also have our own set of Royals to visit local groups and
hold court, hand out "cookies" and give us more Royal exposure than we
are able to have now.

But it doesn't mean I am "done" with Ansteorra.  I still feel a
welling of pride at the sight of the Black Star on a sea of warriors. 
I still shout with my fist in the air with the herald at the end or
court, "Vivat Ansteorra!!"  I think we can continue with our
Ansteorran pride as a Principality.

Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
-"Honesty is Everything"

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