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Tue Mar 17 07:16:21 PST 1998

Annais said:
> That is the name for the Northern Ansteorra Herald.. and I for one do
> not wish
> to have a principality that is named for an Office.
I do.  I like that name.  I held that office twice.  That name came
about to identify the new region that the Crown said we were.  We needed
a Northern Ansteorran Herald, and we wanted to show our intense
allegiance to the Kingdom, for at that time There Were Difficulties.
Using the naming structure and language of "Ansteorra" (One Star), we
created the name "Nordsteorra" (North Star).  We are proud to be
Ansteorrans and proud to be from the North.

As far as pronunciation, it isn't any more difficult than "Ansteorra",
and certainly easier than some of the things the Southerners were

> "We" ?!?!?  Who is "we"?  If there are people in the North who think
> that a
> principality is a possibility, then It should be discussed in a public
> forum..
> where all can attend...Not stuck in someone's living room where only a
> few are
> privy to the thoughts and ideas and policy makings of others, who
> think that
> they can make a principality by bypassing the rules and laws of the
> Kingdom
> and Society.
Who are you accusing, and of what?  You cannot stop a few people from
discussing "Principality" in their living room any more than you can
stop them from discussing fighter practices. You cannot stop a few
people from discussing "Principality" on electronic mailing lists any
more than you can stop them from discussing fighter practices.

And you cannot create a principality by bypassing rules and laws.  All
of the paperwork has to be in order before the BOD will do anything.  If
you are interested, ask Burke to send you the packet he's worked up
recently on becoming a principality.  When this exploded on the main
Kingdom mailing list, he prepared this packet for all the interested

So calm down.  Don't pick on Mic, at least not about this.  I like the
name Nordsteorra and the translation is pretty neat too.  And since it
is currently registered, THAT part of the principality creation process
is taken care of.  There is nothing saying that the Principality Herald
would have to continue using that name.  Let it become the
Principality's name, and he can pick a new one.

As far as arms, it is tempting, too, to see about using some arms that
are already registered.  Papa Bjorn had the "Red Man over the Red River"
badge that got donated to Namron for our War Banner.  Bjorn would have
liked to see it get used as a principality banner, I'm sure.  But
personally, I'd hope for something with blue in it.

Ansteorra, Nordsteorra, Namron, Tract 8, Block 7

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