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Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Mar 17 07:58:58 PST 1998

Karen Evans said something that sounded like:
>    While you are absolutely correct about registering arms, we need to
> have this discussion and decide on arms before we are ready to submit
> the paperwork.

Although true, as I kept warning the people in the Southern areas, worry
about getting the hard parts done then do the fun stuff. (I see name and
device as fun while making sure the details of who wants it and making
everyone think it's a good idea as hard.)

If the north is truly that sure of their identity and that they want
it, then start doing the fun stuff.

Btw, you might think of contacting Burke with regards to the official
paperwork to see just how bad it is. (I haven't seen it yet.)

> I am not advocating registering a device for the
> region, I want to know what sort of thing we would want if we were to
> be a Principality.

My confusion then.

I'll now bow back out.


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