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Tue Mar 17 07:33:28 PST 1998

Annais wrote:

>"We" ?!?!?  Who is "we"?  If there are people in the North who think 
>that a principality is a possibility, then It should be discussed in a 
>public forum.. where all can attend...Not stuck in someone's living 
>room where only a few are privy to the thoughts and ideas and policy 
>makings of others, who think that they can make a principality by 
>bypassing the rules and laws of the Kingdom and Society.

>So, what I suggest is that ALL prople of the North get together to 
>discuss this possibility. And see where THE NORTH needs to go from 

     If people really want to discuss and exchange ideas, questions and 
answers about a possible principality in the North, then I would suggest 
that a roundtable discussion be held at the Northern Warlord Event 
scheduled on the July 4th weekend. This event should concern most people 
of the North, as in addition to the Warlord, the other Northern 
champions will probably be chosen as well. 


     (oh man, Gulf Wars was fine. It was the damn rain here in           
     Mooneschadowe when we got back at 4 am that was the pits. Dancing   
     for four nights in a row!!!! Dance classes!! You mean there was     
     fighting?? Gee I wondered where everyone disappeared to. :) )

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