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Leslie Miller Miller at
Tue Mar 17 14:10:19 PST 1998

> I have a question though.  I have been here in Ansteorra for more than
> two years, and in all that time, I have seen only one advertisement
> for an office opening on the Regional level, and yet the roster
> changes from time to time.  How are those jobs filled?  How does one
> get to be a regional officer?

In most cases, the opening will be announced in the Kingdom 
officer's Black Star report.  In some cases, the announcement may be 
sent to local officers via the regional officer.  If the local 
officers don't pass that info on to the general populace, however, 
many people may not hear about it.

If you wish to apply for an open office, you will need to submit 
an application, just as if you were applying for a mundane job.  
Include past offices held, relevant experience, awards held, 
proof of membership, etc. I would recommend sending the application 
to both the regional officer and the kingdom officer.  Keep in mind 
that "if it isn't written down, it never happened."  It's not enough 
to tell the outgoing officer, "I'm interested in the job."  (I've 
seen this happen on more than one occasion.)

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