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Karen Evans tyrca at
Tue Mar 17 13:23:31 PST 1998

The last time it was seriously brought up, there was 
enough kicking and screaming that it was dropped pretty quickly.  My 
sense is, however, that this may have changed.  I think that more 
people are supportive of the idea now.  Certainly this is true 
amoungst my own circle of friends.  Maybe the time is right.  


I totally agree.  I think that the more of us willing to stick our
necks out and voice our opinions, the more likely we are going to get
a feel for the real concensus.  Thanks Gunhilda.

I have a question though.  I have been here in Ansteorra for more than
two years, and in all that time, I have seen only one advertisement
for an office opening on the Regional level, and yet the roster
changes from time to time.  How are those jobs filled?  How does one
get to be a regional officer?


Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
-"Honesty is Everything"

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