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Tue Mar 17 12:44:27 PST 1998

Ulf orated on Nordsteorra:>>>>>>>
I do.  I like that name.  I held that office twice.  That name came
about to identify the new region that the Crown said we were.  We needed
a Northern Ansteorran Herald, and we wanted to show our intense
allegiance to the Kingdom, for at that time There Were Difficulties.

I am glad you like the name, but it is not my favorite.  I like
tradition, and I like the name of the herald to stay Nordsteorran
Pursuivant, and maybe we can think of something else.

Ulfie went on to say,>>>>>>
As far as arms, it is tempting, too, to see about using some arms that
are already registered.  Papa Bjorn had the "Red Man over the Red River"
badge that got donated to Namron for our War Banner.  Bjorn would have
liked to see it get used as a principality banner, I'm sure.  But
personally, I'd hope for something with blue in it.

I like the idea of blue, but I like blue.  And I am not trying to
offend anyone, but the region is larger than just Namron, (contrary to
the belief of some Namronites).  I never got the opportunity to make
Master Bjorn's acquaintance, and so did not have the chance to develop
the kind of respect you have for him.  That is my loss, but not really
retrievable.  Is the Red Man what we want?  Does that have enough
relationship to the name, Nordsteorra?  I like things to "go together"
and while those were fond ideas of Master Bjorn, to me they do not


PS What sort of things are included in the packet our esteemed Kingdom
Seneschal has on Principalities?
Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
-"Honesty is Everything"

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