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Michael Peters shdwstel at
Tue Mar 17 13:42:55 PST 1998

Leslie Miller wrote:
> > I know that Ulf is
> > pro-Principality, and I like the idea.  What about others?
> I'm all for it, but only given the assumption that we are not
> forming a northern principality in order to eventually split from
> Ansteorra.  I don't want to split from Ansteorra, and I would not
> support such a split.
  I am not for a split from Ansteorra. None of the people I have talked
to who support principality want to stop being Ansteorran. Personally, I
don't think the North will ever have a large enough population base to
support a separate kingdom.
 All the other stuff of Gunny's I snipped I pretty much agree with.

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