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Leslie Miller Miller at
Tue Mar 17 13:03:11 PST 1998

> I know that Ulf is
> pro-Principality, and I like the idea.  What about others?  

I'm all for it, but only given the assumption that we are not 
forming a northern principality in order to eventually split from 
Ansteorra.  I don't want to split from Ansteorra, and I would not 
support such a split. 

A moderated discussion of the issue at Regional Warlord sounds like a 
good idea to me.  Perhaps it could/should be added to the event 

My personal feelings are that we are reaching a point where we need 
to stop dancing around the issue and confront it.  Is there enough 
support to do this?  Is the opposition against it strong enough that 
it would be damaging for the region to pursue it?  I can't 
readily answer either of these questions, but I don't think they are 
going to go away anytime soon.  Eventually they need to be addressed 
and answered.  

How do you answer them?  Somebody is just going to have to 
jump in and take the first steps towards taking a poll, or filling 
out the paperwork and then see how badly people start kicking and 
screaming.  The last time it was seriously brought up, there was 
enough kicking and screaming that it was dropped pretty quickly.  My 
sense is, however, that this may have changed.  I think that more 
people are supportive of the idea now.  Certainly this is true 
amoungst my own circle of friends.  Maybe the time is right.  

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