NR - Discussion of Principality for North (ws Re: too much quiet)

Karen Evans tyrca at
Tue Mar 17 12:32:45 PST 1998

     If people really want to discuss and exchange ideas, questions and 
answers about a possible principality in the North, then I would
that a roundtable discussion be held at the Northern Warlord Event 
scheduled on the July 4th weekend. This event should concern most
of the North, as in addition to the Warlord, the other Northern 
champions will probably be chosen as well. 


I think that is really a great idea, but until then, what do you think
about it, Estrill?  So far, I have heard people say they are talking,
or asking what everyone else thinks.  I know that Ulf is
pro-Principality, and I like the idea.  What about others?  (no
spitballs now, and you in the back, pay attention!)  Be nice to each
other, and allow everyone to have their own opinion.  Don't take
offense at someone else's opinion, just because they don't think the
same things you do does not make them your enemy.


Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
-"Honesty is Everything"

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