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Tue Mar 17 13:02:05 PST 1998

HL Estril wrote:
> Britta the Red asks:
> <If someother portion on Ansteorra manages to form a principality first,
> <would we still be interested?
>      I don't think it should matter one way or the other. To my way of
> thinking, it's equivalent to, say, that the shire of Middleford might be
> elevated to a barony before the shire of Mooneschadowe is. The two
> really have nothing to do with each other. It should be the choice of
> the people directly involved that is the deciding factor.

Realizing that principality doesn't necessarilly mean "new kingdom", I 
still would not care to see our beloved Ansteorra carved up into 2,3 
or more principalities. I guess my basic question is "Why do we wish 
to form a principality? What are the benefits? I know plenty of 
gentles who pretty much play in their own backyard, being the north. 
This will not change much whether we are principalitied (new word?) or 
I guess I do see this as much bigger than Baronial elevations. Whereas 
I would be thrilled to see Mooneschadowe become a barony, the effect 
on Gnomon Vale would still be minimum. Obviously, the effect of a 
principality in the north would greatly effect us all.
Britta the Red
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