NR - Discussion of Principality

Nathan W. Jones njones at
Wed Mar 18 20:43:19 PST 1998

Britta wrote:

> A couple random questions to whomever may know the answer. Are
> Prince/Princess' chosen by tournament action, or are they appointed,
> much like landed Baron/Baroness'?

They are chosen by a combat in a Coronet Tourney.  Works much the same as the
Crown Tourney does, the details of who would qualify and how long they would
reign would be written into the bylaws of the Principality.  (I think.)

> Would there be a "vote" on name, arms, etc? (still hate the
> Nordsteorra thingy)

Oh, I don't think you would be able to slip anything by in this area without a
debate and a vote.  But, it would take some hammering out of the details.  I'm
not sure if you can do a polling for the principality issue before you have all
the paperwork done, bylaws witten and arms chosen, and a name chosen.  (Again,
don't know for sure, but I think that's how things work.  But then I may be, and
probably am, wrong.)


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