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Wed Mar 18 16:27:48 PST 1998

I know I'm getting in on this a little late, but I might be able to 
answer with, if not a "set in stone" policy, at least something 
based on my own experience.

>...for more than two years,.. I have seen only one advertisement
> for an office opening on the Regional level, and yet the roster
> changes from time to time.  How are those jobs filled?  How does one
> get to be a regional officer?

> Tyrca

Here's how it "should" happen (in an ideal world):  the kingdom 
officer gets told by their regional that he/she is stepping down in 
several months.  The kingdom officer immediately puts this opening in 
the next BlackStar saying that applications are being taken (for at 
least a month).  People then send letters of application to the 
kingdom officer - who would then have plenty of time (and many
qualified applicants) to help them make a good choice.  

I've held several regional offices, two deputy kingdom offices 
and twice been a deputy, deputy kingdom herald (Sable Scroll).  I can 
honestly say that I've never gotten an office by answering a post in 
the BlackStar.  Almost always, I was sought out by the kingdom or 
deputy kingdom officer to fill the position.  Usually, there were two 
controlling factors:

First, the officer had the opening dropped in their lap unexpectedly. 
In other words, their regional/deputy suddenly resigned and there 
wasn't time to post the opening in the BlackStar. 

Second, the officer had prior knowledge of my experience as  
a local officer (or scribe in the case of sable scroll), giving them 
reason to believe I would be familiar with and able to handle the 
duties of the office.

An additional but less well known factor is that you must possess a 
tattoo across your forehead that labels you willing to perform such 
tasks - "sucker" is the most common label and the one that the 
kingdom officers have been specially trained to look for.  (Mine just 
happens to glow neon in the right light).  This fatal marking seems 
to indicate to people that you are one of those chosen few who has 
the handicap "no-o-phobia," also known as "dis-no-lalia" or the 
inability to speak the word "no."

If you would like to be a regional officer, here are a few bits of 

Hold the local office first - and do a *good* job.  In the words of 
one of my role models "You can't teach what you don't know and you 
can't lead if you've never been there."  A good performance in 
one or more offices will be the very best thing you can do to 
recommend yourself for a position.  

Also, get to know the previous regional officer and/or the kingdom 
officer.  The job done by a regional reflects directly on their 
kingdom level officer, so the kingdom officer will most likely 
appoint someone they can trust to do a good job and work 
well with. 

On a personal note, I almost always let my locals know when I'm 
stepping down and encourage those who have done a good job for me   
to apply for the regional position.  Although performing the regular 
duties of your office is important, it is just as important a duty to 
find and train your replacement.  

Hope this helps....

- Kat  
Lori Campbell
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