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>      Mercedes asked: 
>      I hear a lot of North vs. South rumblings..... There seem to  already
>      be hard feelings about.... issues that get broken down that way. ...
>      Is that going to assuaged by becoming a principality?
To put it simply, no.

There has been friction between the Northern and the Southern parts 
of the kingdom (geographical areas, not exactly regions) for many 
years.  However, a lot of the blanket animosity has disappeared as 
more people have made an effort to travel and get to know each other. 
Meeting and spending time with folks from other areas is the *only* 
way to break down regional boundaries.

By their nature, principalities encourage tighter group 
loyalties and will, like it or not, cut down on the traveling to 
other regions of the kingdom.   Unfortunately, this won't foster 
feelings of unity between the regions.  

The trick will be to make it clear to the kingdom that a principality 
is formed to benefit the region, not to destroy kingdom unity.  The 
leadership of the new principality will have to be just as committed 
to Ansteorra as a whole as they are to their new area.  Anything less 
will allow friction and cause hard feelings.

just another $.02 worth...
- Kat
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