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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Wed Mar 18 20:34:22 PST 1998

Mercedes wrote:

>      I have to say, though, that I hear a lot of North vs. South rumblings
>      from time to time.  There seem to already be hard feelings about a
>      number of issues that get broken down that way.  Is that going to
>      assuaged by becoming a principality?

Hmm...No, it probably won't solve the whole North/South issue at all.

As someone who "grew up" in the SCA in the South and then moved to the North, it
was like moving to a different kingdom.  The Red River is very much a dividing
line in Ansteorra, and I was guilty of not going north of it when I lived in
Bjornsborg and the Steppes.

I mostly would play up and down the I-35 corridor from Bjornsborg up to the
Steppes, with the odd foray over to Ravensfort.  And, most of the movers and
shakers in that area would play in the same geographic area.  But, on the other
hand, I almost never ran into people from the North who would come South to play
either.  And those few friends I did have I would mostly meet at Steppes Warlord
or 12th Night.

Moving from Bjornsborg to the Steppes was easy.  I knew lots of people who lived
there, and who I would meet at events all over Texas.  Moving to Northkeep was
very hard.  I knew almost no one in the Northern Region, and I had to learn what
was what and who was whom.  I found everyone exceptionally nice here in
Northkeep, but it took me quite a while to adjust.

Becoming a Principality won't change that sense of difference that the North
has, if anything it will enhance it.  I don't really think that's a bad thing.
I've come to enjoy the differences that I've found here in the North, and have
sent suggestions back down South about some of the things I've learned.

just my obsevation...and to tell the truth, I'm not sure what relevence it has.


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