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Wed Mar 18 15:09:29 PST 1998

     Congratulations Kelandra!!!!!   I told you that you had probably done 
     a lot better than you thought!!  I'm graduating this May, also.  Quite 
     a relief, huh?

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Subject: NR - The Test 
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Date:    3/18/98 5:04 PM

I'm sending out a blanket announcement to let people know that yes I actually di
PASS (WHOOHOO!!!) my certification test in Literature AND in Grammar.  I know, I
now...who would have thunk it... :)  
Yes, I really was worried about it...I only a know a couple of people who passed
t the first I am still shocked.  I passed the literature section with 
ying colors...and I barely squeaked by on the grammar section.  
I graduate the second Saturday in May.  Hope to see you all there!
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