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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Thu Mar 19 10:42:24 PST 1998

Hi Friends!

I just sent out a post talking about the differences between North and
South and I thought I would balance that with a post about the unities
between us.

I have to admit that I was never prouder to be an Ansteorran than when I
was out of Kingdom for Pennsic.  Some of them dang kingdoms are just
foreign!  It was a relief and a comfort to know that my kingdom was
camping together and had created a home away from home that I could go
back to when the culture shock of being amonst foreigners was just too

We do have a bond that stretches over the Red River and unites us from
Moonshadowe to La Marche Savage, from Bordermarch to Black Lake.

I think one of the best things that we do as a kingdom is to camp, and
to have open camps.  By camping together in all types of weather we bond
with each other.  "Do you remeber when it was so hot at Ansteorran
15th?"  "Do you remeber when it was so cold at the first Lyonesse?"
Voluntarily bearing hardships during camping can create a great bond
between people.  Having to huddle for warmth, or trying to strip down to
the least decent amount, while trying to keep laughing is wonderful for
the soul.

Also, we have open camps here.  We don't put up walls to keep out those
who aren't in our household/group/principality.  Anyone is free to
wander from campfire to campfire.  And, that's another great way that
friendships are made.  Singing, talking and/or drinking around a
campfire is one of the most pleasant things that the SCA does, in my
opinion.  And because we don't really limit who shares in our fires and
by extension our hospitality, Ansteorra is one of the friendliest and
most close knit kingdoms in the Known World!

I relish being an Ansteorran.  One of the things that displeases me most
about applying to colleges out of Texas and Oklahoma is leaving this
kingdom.  I would hate to see this kingdom divided, but I don't think
that the things that make the Northern region Ansteorran would change if
we became a principality.

another two cents...


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